Economics 2.0

A new era of sustainable growth, cryptoeconomic security, and deeper value capture in the Network.

A virtuous cycle of adoption and value capture

Economics 2.0 creates a virtuous cycle that increases value capture of the Network, fueling the adoption of decentralized services and the growth of the Web3 ecosystem.

Economic advancements

Economics 2.0 involves numerous initiatives designed to enhance the long-term utility and sustainability of oracle services.


A new layer of cryptoeconomic security in the Network, where ecosystem participants can stake LINK to help increase the security guarantees and user assurances of oracle services.

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BUILD Program

The BUILD Program is a Labs initiative that aims to accelerate the growth of early-stage and established projects within the ecosystem by providing enhanced access to services and technical support in exchange for commitments of fees and other incentives to service providers such as stakers.

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SCALE Program

Sustainable Access for Layer 1 and 2 Enablement is a Labs initiative where blockchain projects commit to offsetting operating costs of oracle networks to accelerate their ecosystem’s growth and support the long-term sustainability of oracle services.

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Technical Innovations

A series of initiatives that enhance the functionality and economic viability of oracle services, such as Off-Chain Reporting (OCR) 2.0, blockchain fast lanes, and data feed optimizations that balance the need to meet user demand with stronger incentives to adopt cost-efficient blockchains and layer-2 networks.

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