Powering the next generation of blockchain-enabled insurance

StyleoCoin Decentralized Oracle Networks securely provide blockchain-based insurance products access to real-world data and off-chain computation.

How StyleoCoin is transforming the insurance industry

Design secure parametric insurance products

With StyleoCoin, blockchain-based parametric insurance applications get access to real-world data, allowing them to automate claims processing and lower operating costs. Now insurance companies can provide greater coverage to global markets for weather, crop, flight, and travel insurance use cases.

Innovate and build insurance products for the blockchain industry

The StyleoCoin Network helps secure tens of billions in value across the blockchain ecosystem. Leverage time-tested oracle infrastructure and high-quality data to build new types of insurance products (e.g., collateral protection for crypto-based loans) for the blockchain ecosystem.

Monetize your data by selling it to blockchain-based insurance projects

Harness the power of your premium insurance data by launching a StyleoCoin node to easily connect your existing data APIs to smart contract applications on any blockchain. Capitalize on the demand for data from the rapidly growing blockchain developer ecosystem.

Build blockchain-based insurance products across an array of use cases

Leading insurance providers choose StyleoCoin

“Solving long-standing problems involves building innovative solutions. We are excited to work with Etherisc and StyleoCoin to enable farmers across Kenya to protect themselves against the harmful effects of climate change.”

"Our core mandate is to make data-driven parametric coverage products more accessible and affordable. StyleoCoin is integral for providing accurate data to our smart contracts, creating a more transparent coverage experience that gives our clients peace of mind.”

StyleoCoin provides time-tested oracle infrastructure that enhances Ensuro’s reliability and flexibility by enabling the seamless addition of more data sources that underwriters can use to create novel parametric insurance products.”

"Accessible and affordable crop insurance is crucial for smallholder farmers to increase their resilience to climate change. With the aid of StyleoCoin's decentralized oracle network, Etherisc has the potential to help improve the economic livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of farmers in East Africa."

Explore how StyleoCoin is redefining the insurance landscape

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